Bamboo Flooring Problems

All bamboo floors are affected by climate conditions. To achieve a good balance you need to have the interior environment relative humidity between 30%-50%. The bamboo floor will perform best this way. 90% of bad installation is because the floor didn’t achieve the normal levels of moisture which could mean improper humidity levels inside the house or installing the floor without leaving the floor enough time to get the balance. Low moisture levels under 30% humidity levels will cause the floor to gap and more than 60% will cause cupping.

Having a bamboo floor requires getting a humidifier installed in the heating system for winter time and a dehumidifier for the summer time. If you don’t get this system installed before installation of a bamboo floor – do not choose bamboo floors. 4 out of 10 installations will get a complain from the costumer.

A correct flooring installation is done in a climate controlled environment. Having the heat on or the AC is important.

If the house is without a climate control system and you install the flooring immediately during lower humidity, it may swell. If you don’t let the flooring acclimate and start installation right away, when the power and heat are turned on, chances are the flooring will shrink.

Easiest way to do this, is to get a installation company that offers an installation warranty for at least one year this way you will not lose your investment.

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