How to Choose a Laminate Floor

The first aspects that need to be taken into account are the practical ones. If it is for the living room or kitchen entrance hall, it is mandatory to choose laminate boards with a thickness of 12 mm, with specifications provided by producer for example, water resistant or other similar specifications. Laminate should be chosen depending on several factors: what room it will be in, the size of the area, how it is decorated, and by the color. In bedrooms and other areas of the house where traffic is not heavy, laminate flooring can be used with smaller thicknesses, from 10 mm. It is very important to get a 12 mm or thicker laminate floor because it will last longer and will be more resistant to traffic.

The color of the laminate floor must consider not only the rest of the colors in the room, but also how big the rooms are. Dark shades fit in large rooms such as the living room. It is recommended to create a little color contrast, pick a light shade and opt for bright furniture.
In a dark room with little natural light, a dark color floor will not look good. Avoid dark shades of flooring, such teak, in these rooms. Small rooms will also look better if you install a light-colored flooring.

When it comes to laminate flooring with matching furniture and accessories in the room, a common mistake is choosing the same shades for the entire room. If the furniture color in the room is natural oak is not a good idea to mount a floor in the same color. The room will look lifeless, thbbere must be a certain contrast between various design elements of a room. One solution is to coordinate elegant and refined color laminate from one room to the interior doors. The effect is more subtle than that obtained by matching flooring to furniture.

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